The Lithonia Dolphins is in its 4th decade of proud service to Dekalb County's residents. We have a robust and competitive swim team and a fantastic learn to swim program supported by an enthusiastic and committed coaching staff and parent volunteers.

This summer, our team will work hard, compete and achieve while managing to have fun and make friends in a disciplined, caring and family friendly environment. We have a proud history of achievement with Dolphin swim records are still standing in Dekalb County and our alumni are at every level of swimming as college swimmers, lifeguards, officials, coaches and team owners.

For learn to swimmers, our children don't come to splash, they come to learn and will swim before the end of the summer with dedication and support from parents. Our Learn To Swim coach, coach Janita, is a parent and is very successful at teaching all of our swimmer age groups how to swim.

So come join us for the 2015 Dekalb Swim League season at Lithonia - Where Dolphins Swim For Life!